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Dacia Duster vs Audi Q5 Offroad Test

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Offroad Zone

Dacia Duster vs Audi Q5 Offroad Test

Many of my subscribers said that the video I made against the Audi A4 Allroad wasn’t so fair because the Audi had Allseason tires and much lower ground clearence and kept on telling me to put the Duster next to an Audi Q5, because they are from the same class. So I did. One month after the A4 video I managed to find a Q5 owner that was willing to come on an offroad drive.

For that I am very grateful to him and all the other guys who helped me during the shooting of the video. It really was an amazing experience. And just sat behind the camera and went up and down the hills by foot. Exepting one time when I was carried by an ATV while filming the cars that were coming behind me.

Duster and Audi captured from drone

A day before the drive it rained almost the entire day and I was hoping it would stop by the time we set out to go. Not only it stopped, there was windy and sunny and almost all the moisture was gone from the terrain. So the trails weren’t how I wanted to be. A little harder so the cars would have to be forced a little bit:D. Anyways, it was perfect just the way it was.

And we set off to climb the hill but not on the usual trail, like I did agianst the Porsche Macan, but on a random route choosed by the Q5 driver. Both car went without any problems even though it seemed tricky at a first glance. On the second trail the Audi lost some of the grip because of the lower ascending speed and the driver had to accelerate harder in order to get to the drier soil and go all the way up without having to try again.

Next, we found a suitable spot to test out the diagonal crossing and see how the car behaves when is suspended on 2 wheels, on oposite sides. I wasn’t sure about the similarity from the two differential systems and for my surprise, they had the same behaviour.

Just like the Duster, the system from the Audi Q5 sends the power to the wheels that have the less grip. In this case, the extra weight on the Q5 seems to be a disadvantage.

At the third trial we went up, the Q5 owner stopped at the middle of the hill to see what wheels will start spinning fast, considering the fact that all had the same grip. In this scenario there was better grip on the right side wheels and those were spining with lower RPM than the left ones, that can be seen in the video.

That ended our third round and that’s when 3 ATV’s and a Suzuki Jimny arrived at the scene. But that is the subject of another video:D. I am giving you a spoiler picture.

After taking a few shots with my drone we head back to the base of the hill and shot some clips on the move, with me on an ATV and all three cars behind me. The drone also followed from above.

After that we set out to go home but the guys wanted to try more difficult trails. That is the subject of Round 4 of the test, when the Audi owner drove both the Q5 and the Duster. The first one with much more attention 😀 .

He has a lot of experience in offroad as you can also see in the video. It’s more obvious while he drives the Duster because of its manual gearbox and higher ground clearance.

Write your opinions on both cars in the video’s commenting section.

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