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Sunday Drive To Hepa, Brodina

Where Is Hepa? Hepa is a small village in Brodina, Suceava, Romania. Village is a strong word, because there are around 10 house scaterred across the hills in that area. Find It...

5 Reasons to Visit Bucovina

5 Reasons to Visit Bucovina

Bucovina, located in northern Romania, is a region of about 10,000 km, documented for the first time in 1774 is among the most attractive and popular tourist areas of Romania....

Sfantul Daniil Sihastru Monastery

"Sfantul Daniil Sihastru" Monastery is a small monastery in the middle of the woods, on the top a hill between vilages Straja and Putna, in Suceava County, Romania. it's in the...

Dârmoxa Deer Farm

Far away from any city, in a remote willderness The most popular city near Dârmoxa is Vatra Dornei. From there you have to go south, to Șaru Dornei, Panaci, Coverca. On top of...

The Badger’s Waterfall

This relatively unknown waterfall is located deep into the forest, at 9,9 Km distance from the center of Putna, Suceava. Putna is known for the Monastery raised in 1466 by...

Salas Monastery

Salas Monastery – The quiet place you have to listen The Salas Monastery is a small monastery located near the border with Ucriana, in the village Salas. The village belongs to...

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