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Volvo XC90 VS Dacia Duster 4×4 Mud Offroad

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Offroad Zone

In today’s article we have a 2.1 tone Volvo alongside my 1.5 tone Duster in some muddy situations. Which one gets out easier? Let’s find out!

The time was May, most of the places I’ve been in the winter with my Duster alongside other SUVs were now covered in fresh green grass and we couldn’t use it. I wish we went on the same trail like the one with the Audi Q5.

But instead I choose the same place we filmed the offroad drive Duster Vs the Audi A4 Allroad  because I knew there were some mud trails nearby. Going up on the same traces would have boring and easy for the both cars.

Our luck was the fact that it had been rained for several days before and we managed to find some muddy holes where both cars struggled a bit.

Then it was time to do some climbing, again, on a muddy trail constantly used by those who have bigger, stronger terrain vehicles and do offroad and barbecues in the area. Here, the Volvo had to do 2 tries, its summer tires being a problem.

Further into the woods it was impossible to go because of the narrow spaces and big ditches and we went to another area which, unfortunately it even harder than this one. The Volvo got stucked because of a wood in the mud that stopped its momentum and had to go backwards on the drier trail to gain more speed. After several tries, the driver managed to find a good path and passed by the muddy section anly to reach one even muddier at the base of the hill we had in plan to go up.

From here it was time to go back, no reason to force the cars and destroy the grass.

P. S. The tracks you see in the video were already made by other offroad drivers. We just turned our cars and went home!


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