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Sfantul Daniil Sihastru Monastery

by | Apr 5, 2020 | Travels

“Sfantul Daniil Sihastru” Monastery is a small monastery in the middle of the woods, on the top a hill between vilages Straja and Putna, in Suceava County, Romania.

it’s in the middle of the distance between those two vilages, 6.8 km South of Straja.

Here live a few monks who deal with its management and also with the church religious services. All the religious activities in the monastery are held during the night time, following the program from the monks on Athos mountain in Greece.

The view and the place it’s simply amazing. You will find the peace and silence of this remote monastery to be overwhelming. You can get here on a forest road only with an SUV or by walking from the base of the hill.

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Here is the full video I shot with my drone when I went there. I was lucky and the road was frozen, otherwise it would have been imposible to go up with my Duster.

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