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The Badger’s Waterfall

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Travels

This relatively unknown waterfall is located deep into the forest, at 9,9 Km distance from the center of Putna, Suceava. Putna is known for the Monastery raised in 1466 by Stephen the Great , the most important ruler of Moldavia.

He ruled it from 1457 until his death in 1504. From the Putna Monastery you have to go to the Sihastria Putnei Monastery and from there you have to keep the road South to Moldovita. Unfortunately there are no signs to help you reach the waterfal.

If you pay attention to the video I shot with my drone, you will be able to reach the waterfall, if you travel to Putna.

It is also located on Google Maps, just search “Cascada Burscului” and it will lead you to the waterfall. In order to reach it you will have to wear rubber boots because you will have to go on foot up the river.

Depending on the time you go there, the level of the river will be changed, also the landscape is different from a season to another. I only visited in the autmun. I think the best time to see it is in May or June.

As you reach the Sihastria Putnei Monastery you have to go forward and pass by some stables and a cement procesing machine. From there you will see a barrier ahead. You go thru that barrier and keep the road ahead untill you reach an intersection with a road to go right and a small bridge ahead.. Go ahead and keep going until you reach a second bridge, larger than the first. There will be a house there in a big meadow. From the bridge you will see another intersection and you have to go left. From there you have to go ahead another 2.9 km untill you see a smaller river coming from the right and passing under the main road. If you go up that river you will find the waterfall.

The road to the waterfall is a simple forest road and you might have problems going all the way to there especially if there are wood logging in the area. I recomend going there with an SUV or at least a car that has good ground cleareance so you won’t damage it.

This is the video I shot. Look carefully at the place where I parked the car. From there you can see the area you have to go upstream to find the waterfall.

Enjoy your trip. For any informations, write me on the Facbook Page: Duster Cool Travels:

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