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5 Reasons to Visit Bucovina

by | May 3, 2020 | Travels

Bucovina, located in northern Romania, is a region of about 10,000 km, documented for the first time in 1774 is among the most attractive and popular tourist areas of Romania. Today, the region is divided: the northern part belongs to Ukraine and the southern part to Romania.

Here are 5 reasons for you to visit Bucovina:

1. The Old Monasteries

In this region are the most beautiful and most representative monasteries. They are unique in the world by their architecture that characterizes the glory era of Moldavia by their exterior painting. The monasteries in Bucovina are part of the Unesco patrimony, being included UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993. They were built by the great rulers in the history of Romania, each with its specific color: Voronet, Humor, Sucevita, Putna, Moldovita, Bogdana.

File:Mănăstirea Voroneţ - detalii.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Voronet Monastery – Source: Wikimedia Commons

File:RO SV Mănăstirea Humor.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Humor Monastery – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fișier:Grădina Edenului numită Putna impresionată de astrul de foc ...

Putna Monastery – Source: Wikipedia

2. Wonderful landscapes

This land, called a corner of Romania’s paradise, will welcome you with special landscapes. Almost all forms of relief are found in this area: mountains in a very high proportion, but also hills, plains, plateaus, all this giving it a special charm.

3. Preservation of traditions

It is one of the few areas where old traditions and customs are still preserved. At each holiday there are certain customs: the tradition of wishing in the night between the years, pottery, decorating eggs before Easter, traditional clothes (with specific details depending on the village).

Ceramica Vase Traditie - Fotografie gratuită pe Pixabay

Obiceiuri de Crăciun în Bucovina - Tradiții din Țara Dornelor

Source: https://hailadorna.ro/

4. Traditional food

In my opinion, it is worth coming here at least once and tasting the traditional dishes specific to the area: Radauti soup, trout with sour cream, tochitura, mushroom stew, outlaw muscle, chisca.

Source: Wikipedia

5. People’s hospitality

Really impressive in this area is the extremely natural hospitality of the people. They are warm and welcoming, so you will have the impression that you are part of the family and the place.

Turism gastro local - o formă de ospitalitate românească foarte ...


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