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Sunday Drive To Hepa, Brodina

by | May 6, 2020 | Travels

Where Is Hepa?

Hepa is a small village in Brodina, Suceava, Romania. Village is a strong word, because there are around 10 house scaterred across the hills in that area. Find It on GMaps!

You can easily get there with a 4×4 car if the terrain is not very muddy. I went there with my Duster and with was a very nice ride all the way up. First you need to cross a narrow bridge made of wood, in order to get on the trail into the forest. 

From here there is a good trail that seems freshly made in some sections thru the forest, that will lead you up to the first hill. Here are some photos made in March, when there was snow.

The road goes up untill it reaches a point where you can go left, to Zalomestra, or right, to the end of Hepa.

The road in the back is the one to Zalomestra

From here there is a section harder to climb, with many sharp rocks. Nothing the Duster couldn’t handle.

Once you get up there, the views is just amazing. And is so quiet, that you have the feeling like something is not right. I recommend doing the trip by foot, to capture even more the spectaluar views of the valley that’s standing at your feet.

created by dji camera

created by dji camera

Here is the video from this adventure! Enjoy!

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