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Dârmoxa Deer Farm

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Travels

Far away from any city, in a remote willderness

This is the perfect place to disconnect with the day-by-day stress and experience a quiet holiday. The place has several cottages, mostly for 2 persons. All have bathroom and are made from wood logs.

The most popular city near Dârmoxa is Vatra Dornei. From there you have to go south, to Șaru Dornei, Panaci, Coverca.

The owner has a big area where the deers live. It’s surounded by a tall fence so the animals won’t escape. We visited the farm in June 2019, the baby deers were already grown, but they still had the white dots on their backs.

On top of the mountain there is an observatory. From there you can see the hole valley, that streches over a few miles in all the directions. It’s the biggest unhabited place in Bukovina.

The most beautiful period to visit this amazing location is winter and begining of June, when the deer females are giving birth. It’s not a certain thingg that you will see the little deers but it’s worth to try. In the first 2 weeks the mother is keeping the baby hidden. We tried to find them but it was impossible. At some point we thought there are no baby deers.

Of course, the main attraction is the male deers, especially when they have the horns fully grown up.

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