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Dacia Duster 3 News – High End Equipments Revealed

Dacia Duster 3 News – High End Equipments Revealed

Dacia Duster 3 is coming to the market in the final weeks of 2023 and sources from the Mioveni factory confirmed for the newspaper Adevarul.ro that the first model of the third generation has left the factory last week. The model will come into production in the...

Dacia Duster 3 | 5 Things to Expect on Trim Levels

Dacia Duster 3 | 5 Things to Expect on Trim Levels

Dacia is approaching to the launch of it’s third generation later this year and here is a list of what to expect on the model’s trim levels. From its launch, back in 2011, the Duster came in different trim levels (names) but all had the same idea behind. The idea was...

Goodbye Duster 4WD? Third Gen Dacia Duster News

Goodbye Duster 4WD? Third Gen Dacia Duster News

The Dacia Duster SUV will be presented at the end of 2023 and launched on the market in 2024, according to the schedule confirmed by Renault Group and Dacia officials.  Dacia Duster 3 will be longer than the current generation, which was almost identical to the first...

Best Dacia Duster Offroad Concept

Today I stumbled on a Dacia Duster Offroad Concept that blew my mind. As a paradox, it's imagined as a 2WD Duster but with some very nice imporvements on the design. This is the Pistonzero's Velociduster I say paradox because, in theory, a 2WD Duster is not much of an...

Dacia Duster 3 – Unexpected News

Dacia Duster 3 – Unexpected News

News About Dacia Duster 3 DACIA Duster 3 is the next SUV model that DACIA is currently working on for worldwide launch, and some really surprising news coming directly from Renault changes a lot.  Specifically, Renault has officially revealed that in 2024 a new model...

Duster 150 HP vs Duster 115 HP Forest Snow Offroad

Sunday morning is for adventures with my Duster. So my friend/cameraman Alex and I woke up in the morning and headed towards Cununschi, a small beautiful village that belongs to Brodina, in Suceava. Cununschi is like most of the small villages in Brodina - gatherings...

Dacia Duster 4×4 Snow Offroad 2020

After a long wait, the first snow has fallen over the beautiful landscapes of Bucovina, so my friends and me went on a short offroad drive. The trail we went on starts near Nisipitu village, on the cimented road to Lupcina. At some point we turned right on Hrabusna...

Dacia Duster vs Mitsubishi Shogun Mud Offroad

Here is another SUV offroad comparison, this time between my Duster and a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport. The plan was to film some ramps and hill ascending runs with these two cars but thing went a little unexpected and we ended up on a muddy trail that gave us some...

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