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Duster 150 HP vs Duster 115 HP Forest Snow Offroad

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Offroad Zone

Sunday morning is for adventures with my Duster. So my friend/cameraman Alex and I woke up in the morning and headed towards Cununschi, a small beautiful village that belongs to Brodina, in Suceava.

Cununschi is like most of the small villages in Brodina – gatherings of houses on top of the hills. Here, a neighbour can stay up to one, two miles away from you.

We started our climb in the video at the base of the hill, in the village Cununa and made our way up thru the forest. The first Duster had Riken Snow SUV winter tires on street air pressure (2.3 bar). My Duster was running on Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S at around 1.8 bar.

The snow was very fresh with a high volume of water in it. As soon as one wheel started to spin and loose grip, a layer of ice was done in that spot. That made my climb harder than the first Duster and very hard on the last hill.

On the last hill we had to use some branches and go full speed up in order to pass over it. And here is our destination, an amazing quiet location on top of the Bucovina’s mountains.

Of course, on the way down we used another trail, even steeper than the one used for the climb, but we were in a hurry and didn’t film anything. Even if the grip on the ATs was very low, we managed to go down without any problems.

Here is the video, Enjoy it!


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