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The New Renault Duster for Russia – Nortec MT-540 Review

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Offroad Zone, Reviews

Official Renault release for the Russian Duster

It is interesting that finally Renault has decided to go on sale with an offroad sort of a variant, especially by promoting it with Russian made MT tires.. Having become an icon in its category, the All-new Renault Duster reveals itself in a new light. While maintaining its legendary off-road ability, it has an increasingly assertive and robust look with a variety of exterior design options and a new metallic Atacama Orange colour.
The All-new Renault Duster features a more assertive, modernized design: sculpted surfaces, new grille and new LED daytime running lights. Its profile with a high beltline reinforces the impression of robustness and its new, more sloping windscreen gives a more dynamic look and improved visibility.
The Dacia Duster Trails & Technical Group on Facebook decided to test out the tires that will be available on the new Renault Duster model available for the Russian market.
Finally, the All-new Renault Duster reinforces its SUV character with its embossed wheel arches underlined by additional extenders and side mouldings at the fender level.
In its eight years of existence on the Russian market, the Renault Duster has already won over more than 440,000 fans thanks to its qualities as an adventurer perfectly adapted to the weather and road conditions. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the All-new Renault Duster intends to continue this saga.
The video itself is a good example for anyone to understand the differences between an MT tire and an AT (no matter the snowflakes). Please also remember than on asphalt the situation is reversed and the AT wins especially in emergency/difficult scenarios.


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