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Dacia Duster 3 – Unexpected News

by | May 24, 2022 | News

News About Dacia Duster 3

DACIA Duster 3 is the next SUV model that DACIA is currently working on for worldwide launch, and some really surprising news coming directly from Renault changes a lot.  Specifically, Renault has officially revealed that in 2024 a new model of electric car will be launched by the Romanian company, and this could have a double effect on the launch of DACIA Duster 3, which surprised a lot of people.

DACIA Duster 3 could be launched earlier by DACIA, and this is because the appearance of an electric car in 2024 should take place some time after the new SUV model will appear. Given that the DACIA Duster 3 should be launched sometime by the end of 2023, with sales starting in the first part of 2024, the launch of an electric car would be a possible problem for maintaining the interest in the car. at a high level.

DACIA Duster 3 has little chance of being offered in an electric version in 2024, so it is expected that the model will be completely different, and not even Bigster, which was presented as one with a completely different purpose. In this idea, DACIA Duster 3 could be launched a little earlier in 2023, and it would not be surprising to know that even in the dealerships could arrive even earlier than 2024, this could be extremely good news for all those waiting for the car.

DACIA Duster 3 will come with a lot of very interesting news, major changes being expected for the car by most people, but for them to be offered, it is possible that the selling price will also be increased. Of course, no one knows 100% for sure that this will happen, but the chances are very high, and that’s because the DACIA Duster 3 is an extremely important car and for this reason it could be launched earlier. DACIA Duster 3 will be on sale in Romania, and many other markets simultaneously, so we will definitely have some interesting news when the car finally reaches the market.

DACIA Duster 3 could be presented in the fall of 2023, but when it comes to launch, we will have to wait a few more months before we can buy the car from the representatives from all over the country. Just like the previous models that DACIA put on sale, we can have similar expectations for DACIA Duster 3, that is, to see the car physically in dealerships somewhere in January or February, although this is not clear yet when.

DACIA Duster 3 could have all the launch plans overturned by the war in Ukraine, but also the huge problem of semiconductors, something we already see in some famous car manufacturers. DACIA Duster 3 is no different from the rest, at least when it comes to these issues, and that’s because everyone is equally affected by the shortage of semiconductors, so we should not have different expectations in any form, or another. The DACIA Duster 3 will be even more expensive than the models that are now on the market, due to the major changes that are available, so it is very good to expect this as well.


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