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Best Petrol Engines Ever Made

Best Petrol Engines Ever Made

The petrol engine is a spark-ignition internal combustion engine designed to run on petrol and similar volatile fuels. In most petrol engines, the fuel and air are usually premixed before compression (although some modern petrol engines now use direct in- cylinder injection). Premixing was previously done in a carburetor, but is now done by electronically controlled fuel injection, except in small engines where the cost/complication of the electronics does not justify the added engine performance.

6. 22R/R-E: Toyota

My new 22re engine | Toyota pickup 4x4, Toyota, Toyota trucks

While there are many American-built truck engines that could make the list, we think the Toyota 22R deserves a spot due to it being responsible for building the Japanese manufacturer’s reputation into the reliable one that it is today. The engine only had one real problem, stretching timing chains on high-mileage trucks, however it remains one of the most dependable motors ever built, with its longitudinal placement in such vehicles as the 4Runner, Celica and Hilux from 1981 through 1997.

5. XK6: Jaguar

Jaguar XK engine - Wikipedia

Another engine that had a long production run – over four decades from 1949 to 1992 – is Jaguar’s take on a straight-six engine with the XK6. British engineering shone on this motor, as its versatility and ability to produce powerful torque at almost any engine speed made it a top competitor on the racetrack and popular consumer option on the road. Not only did it see use in Jaguars, but Listers, Daimlers and even the FV101 Scorpion tank also had versions of this engine.

4. B-Series: Honda

Honda Engines - B, K20, K24 and K20C1 Engines

Another very successful engine, introduced in 1988, is known as Honda B-Series. These motors were made in 1.6 to 2.0 liter variants – and although there are variations among different car models, the basic design does not change much within B-Series engines. As a series, you can expect to see anywhere from 126 to 190 horsepower on average, and a reline in surpassing 8,500 rpm, at an astonishingly small 1,495 cubic centimeters.

3. Model T Engine: Ford

Henry Ford's Genius Model T Engine

Arguably the most iconic car ever made, Ford’s Model T Engine may not have driven very fast, but it’s an extremely important aspect to the overall development of the modern automobile. This inline four- cylinder, 2.9-liter engine was able to reach a top speed of 45 mph and pump out 20 horsepower. Known for its reliability and simplicity, the engine remained central to the Ford Model T brand throughout its entire lifespan, and remained in use even after the car itself was discontinued.

2. Flat 4: Volkswagen

Flat 4: Tokyo's VW Mecca - Speedhunters

As one of the longest-running production engines of all time, you may not think much of this simple flat-four, air-cooled boxer engine, but was made for an impressively long time – from 1936 to 2006. Because of its simple design and efficiency it was used in a variety of different automobiles, including the iconic Volkswagen Beetle and Transporter. It even served as the basis of the first cars produced by luxury car manufacturer Porsche.

1. Small-Block V8: Chevrolet

The iconic American V8 engine has been sold in more than 100 million vehicles. Thanks to its innovative pushrod system, the engine was easy to upgrade. In fact, some race teams have been able to push out over 2,000 horsepower by making modifications to the original design. And, it’s just as popular off the racetrack, as it’s been seen in everything from muscled Corvettes to four-door sedans to pickup trucks to vans and more.

Goodbye Duster 4WD? Third Gen Dacia Duster News

Goodbye Duster 4WD? Third Gen Dacia Duster News

The Dacia Duster SUV will be presented at the end of 2023 and launched on the market in 2024, according to the schedule confirmed by Renault Group and Dacia officials.  Dacia Duster 3 will be longer than the current generation, which was almost identical to the first Duster. The French publication L’Argus confirms that the Duster will grow in length, the information can now be interpreted differently, in the context of the new announcement made by the head of Dacia, Luca de Meo.

Hybrid 4WD System?

The 3rd generation Duster will have a 4×4 system, but Renault Group experts have come to the conclusion that the cardan differential is no longer an appropriate solution in the era of electric motors and at a time when emissions are drastically limited by the European Union. That’s why they moved on to testing a variant that could be the final solution: an electric motor on the rear axle, which would actuate these wheels when needed, so that the car could overcome any obstacle.

Didier Michaud, who coordinates the development of Dacia engines, said at the Paris Motor Show that the Duster will benefit from a new all-wheel drive system. “We want to continue the Duster story and the Duster story includes 4×4. We need to find solutions with less CO2 emissions. All solutions are possible today, nothing is decided” said Didier Michaud. Duster 3 will most likely come with a 1.2-liter engine, which has lower emissions and an equally low consumption. In addition, the Duster will receive shortly after the launch the hybrid group launched on the Jogger, based on the 1.6-liter combustion engine and two electric motors, a powertrain to be manufactured at Mioveni.

This seems like a bad idea for Duster 3, in my opinion, because with an electric motor for the rear axle, the car won’t get the same power on the rear wheels like me model, the Duster 2, that has the traditional 4WD system. This could mean a deal breaker for me, if it’s going to be implemented. What do you think?

Off-Road Car or ATV? Which One to Choose?

Off-Road Car or ATV? Which One to Choose?

Off-road car or ATV, which of these would be a better option? Of the two, one thing is clear… Both give you that extreme feeling when it comes to traveling off-road trails! What would be their advantages and disadvantages from my point of view, having experience with both cars and ATVs on the off-road route.

Off-roading by car

The advantages of having a 4×4 car is that you can travel rough roads, with slopes, mud and even ice. Off-roading in a car is somewhat comfortable, because you are protected from external factors such as cold, bad weather or even dirt. This fact is a very favorable one for those who are passionate about this activity and who are willing to practice it even in extremely unfavorable weather, as it is responsible for adrenaline.

Love at first sight / amor a primera vista Patrol con 38s ?? #nissan #patrol #y61 #offroad #insane #nissanwo… | Coches y motocicletas, Jeep modificados, Patrol gr

Another factor that makes a car better than an ATV from my point of view is that you are safer in the car, in the event of a breakdown or an accident, cars are much safer than an ATV!  Disadvantages that it could present would be the fact that some routes are narrower, inaccessible or maybe even more difficult, in this case those with ATVs have an advantage here.

Off-roading by ATV

Off-roading with an ATV also has its advantages, a prime example would be that feeling of adrenaline that only an ATV driver can describe, also traveling an off-road route with the ATV is a unique experience. With an ATV you can do many things that would be difficult or even impossible to do with a regular car or even an off-road one. Thus, an ATV can be used equally for recreational activities or to satisfy your thirst for adrenaline, but also for utilitarian purposes.  Also, an ATV represents a cheap and efficient means of transport for short or even medium distances, with lower consumption compared to a regular car.

Disadvantages that owning an ATV would have been direct contact with bad weather, for example if it rains you are totally exposed, as well as in the case of cold or dirt on the route. In this category, I could also include safety, which in this case is represented only by the helmet and the experience of the driver, the ATV being devoid of belts or additional protective measures. Another thing to consider when choosing the ATV is the maintenance costs, that are significantly higher for an ATV than for a car, especially when it comes to the spare parts. 


For enthusiasts, both options represent an advantageous investment, but it also depends on the direction in which they take this passion. It can be a weekend activity that produces only pleasure and that’s all, or it can be a productive activity, it depends on everyone how they choose to practice it: comfortably or taken to the extreme. You draw the conclusion on your own. What would you choose, an off-road car or an ATV?

A Sunday Offroad Drive to Ehreste

Ehreste is a small village located in Suceava County, Romania. It is a scattered mountain village, with very few households at great distances between them. You can easily reach these places if you own an off-road car, respectively 4×4. The access road to it is one through the forest, the terrain being still quite rugged but also slightly muddy at this time of year.

We went through this trail, of course with the Duster, and for this it was a simple one because the climb was kind of simple one, without difficulty and obstacles. This Sunday we had a special landscape due to the thick layer of
fog that enveloped the land, which allowed us to make some really impressive photos. You have some of these here:

The road we used starts from Nisipitu village leads to Ehreste, Zalomestra and then it can be crossed to the Brodina’s Valley, this being the route we traveled. The road we traveled this time was easier than we expected because it had most likely been rebuilt by the local authorities to facilitate the access of the inhabitants in this once difficult to reach area.

Once at the top, the landscape is indescribable in words, can be surprised both the houses in the valley and the forests that surround this spectacular area. Another special thing we had was this fog, that really made the autumn secnery complete.

In this adventure with me was the new DCT driver, but to find out more details and to see the entire journey of this adventure check out the full videos on YouTube.



Best Dacia Duster Offroad Concept

Today I stumbled on a Dacia Duster Offroad Concept that blew my mind. As a paradox, it’s imagined as a 2WD Duster but with some very nice imporvements on the design.

This is the Pistonzero’s Velociduster

I say paradox because, in theory, a 2WD Duster is not much of an offroader. For as long as I’ve used my 4×4 Dacia Duster, with just the front wheels you can’t get too far offroading. I think this concept can be made, but only for aesthetic purposes.

Another challenge would be how to make the engine move the huge wheels on the car. Perhaps a V8 engine put under the bonnet might do the trick.

And I think it would be better that the model used for this extreme tunning to be the one with 4 doors. Otherwise you can’t use it for some daily activities. I wonder what would be the real cost for this project and if some workshop would be interested in trying to make it real. Don’t you?

Anyways, as a visual ASMR, this Dacia Duster Concept remains the best one yet, too bad it will remain a concept with little to no chances of hiiting the offroad trails.