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Top 5 Special Dacia Models

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Best of

Dacia has started making cars from the late 60’s and many of the models where restored and tunned by some enthusiasts owners. Here is my top 5 old restored Dacia models:

1. Dacia 1300 with voice opening from the phone

The first place is taken by a 1975 Dacia 1300. The owner (Mihnea) restored it and added some cool features to the car. The car has new alloy wheels, doors with central locking operated by voice. The front and rear bumpers are chromed and look like in 1975. Steering wheel is the new sport model from Dacia that can be found on the Duster. It even has Navigation with rear camera. The engine is 1.3 with 54 HP with a 4-speed manaul gearbox.

Full video:

2. DACIA 1300 Turbo with Sparco Seats

This Dacia used to be a taxi before the curent owner (Marius Popa) bought it and made it look like so nice. He needed almost 2 years to find the set of wheels the car has now. The car has a Renault 5 GT engine, 1.4 turbo that develops 115 HP.


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3. Dacia 1300 modified in classic style

Unlike most young people of his age, Robert never thought of buying a modern car when he was 18 years old. On the contrary, he chose an old Dacia 1300, in a deplorable state, which he refurbished with his own hands, at home. And he also made some aesthetic and technical changes, transforming it from wreck into one of the most appreciated cars in the community.

4.1972 Dacia 1300 with leather interior

This model it’s the one that has the original parts if we don’t count the interior. It;s made from high quality red leather and it makes you feel like you are in a 1950 american hot rod.

5. An Unique Dacia

This is a PUGB looking car. It definitely turns heads when passing by…

Read More:

Check your car before buying it. You might be surprised!


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