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Duster Stuck in Snow

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Offroad Zone

How the Duster got stuck in snow…

It was a beautiful January Monday afternoon and I wanted to take advantage of the amazing landscapes I have where I live. Besides, it was my day off, I had to do some offroad, right?

So I made some calls, it happened that my best friend was free and we set out to go somewhere near the forest to try going up a hill with the Duster.

We got there and saw that the snow was very thick but kept on going until something unplanned happened. The trail to the base of the hill was slightly inclined and because of the thick layer of snow the car stated sliding to the left and before you know it, the left side was off the main trail…

Our adventure ended up before it even began:(. So I got my hands o a shovel and started to clean up the snow around the car. Unfortunately there a lot of snow under the car and that made it to slide even more to its left, making it harder and harder to get out of there with every time we tried.

At a certain point we undestood the Duster was stuck and I was lucky enough to find a good friend with a Mitsubishi Shogun. While we waited for our rescue car I got my drone up and captured some amazing shots of the valley.

Here is the link to the video:

And the next article about the tow itself, which was very difficult… Read it now!

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