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Duster Mitsubishi Shogun Off-road Save

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Offroad Zone

The first try

It’s good to have a friend with a Mitsubishi Shogun…

So I guess you read about our “snowy adventure” and you want to know how the tow was.

The shogun came and first we tried to pull out the Duster from the last position, by the back, as seen in the first two photos.

Because of the terrain inclination and the snow that kept on gathering under the Duster, it was impossible to gain some speed in the direction of the tow.

The Duster went into a new position, facing down the slope and we tried to go down and gain some speed then turn the car up again.

As it can be seen in the picture below, it did manage to move a couple of meters but in the moment the trajectory became upward, it immediately stopped. At least it was facing forward the Shogun this time.

The second try

And now round two of towing, with little succes. The same reason, the Duster kept going on the right side and the snow under it was blocking any good grip.

After cleaning the snow once again around the Duster, we tried pulling it to a different direction. Up the hill this time and the fact that we use a trail already made by the Duster, helped very much. But it wasn’t enough..

For an instance, the car was where we wanted, but it fell again on its left side in the snow. Back to the start…

The third try

From there we had tu turn the Duster again and it got into a similar position like the second tow, but this time the snow was not that big on the rescue trail.

The main problem was a small bump, that it can’t be seen in these pictures because of the thick layer of snow.

That bump was acros the right side of the main trail, if you watch the picture above. The Duster need it good speed to pass that bump with the both front wheels. Otherwise, with just the left front wheel passed, it would have slided down without any result.

It also need it a push from it’s right side in order to pass the bump and only after that, it was trully rescued.

This is how the terrain looked after we got out. After more than an hour of hard shovel working we didn’t need it any offroad for at least a day or two. 😀

What I learned?

From this moment I realised that I need it an aluminium shield to cover the front bumper. Some extra help for the snow is good as well chains or recovery boards.

Here you have the full video:

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