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Custom EGR Valve Shield

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Cool Stuff

The 2018 Dacia Duster model has a weak spot that cand be damaged very easy while offroading.

This spot is represented by the EGR valve that is mounted on the exhaust pipe, almost in the middle of the car. This part, if it were to be replaced cost very much and a protective shield had to be made.

There is allready a shield that covers that can be installed and will cover the whole area under the car, including the EGR valve but it can be very dangerous and make your car loose grip at exists from climbs on the 30-35 degrees ramps or get the car suspended.

This was pointed out by the colleagues from the Trails group through the tests they performed. The problem with the old shield was discovered by the Dacia Duster Trails&Technical Group colleagues, on a trip to test the new duster, where on a seemingly easy offroad trail, a colleague’s car started to slide sideways, after 4 dusters had passed without problems just before he did.

In the subsequent tests it was found that more attention is needed with this shield at the exits from steep climbs on the ramp with an inclination of 30-35 degrees. So one othe Duster owners thought of a way to protect the shield and not to loose so much ground cleareance. And this is how the prototype looks:

The video with the installation and testing can be found here:

From this prototype, a specialized company made a final version, much better than the prototype. Added some drainage holes and now it can be purchased online with delivery in all the countries in the EU.

For the rest of the world please chat with the online site support.

If you want a closer look at the final product, here is the video link with some testing:

The EGR Shield can be ordered from:


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