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Duster AT Tires Ranking Chart

by | Mar 28, 2020 | Cool Stuff

The Source of Information

There are a lot of Dacia Duster based gropus and forums online, where you can find variuos informations about technical problems and solutions, tire reviews and other accesories for the Duster. One of the most comprehensive of these Gropus is Dacia Duster Trails&Technical with more than 10.000 members all around Europe. The group is based in Romania. Here you can find articles in English and Romanian.

They also have an Youtube Channel were you can find various technical or offroad videos. The AT Ranking Chart was started in 2017 and they keep on updating it with new tires and models.

Different Shapes, Different Performance

All Terrain tires have progressed a lot in the last 5 years and it seems that 2 main design patterns have been selected for both AT tire blocks and sips: the Z patterns and the C pattern for blocs and the straight sipe vs the undulated sipe. Some tire blocks are V walled others are straight walled, some have stone ejectors others don’t. Oher tires have straight water evacuation lines others have them zigzagged. Some retain a central rubber fragmented line others go for more open spaces on the middle of the tire. Some ATs for for a sharp edge edge for their tire, others go for a more round edge. Usually a sharper edge also has larger spacing between rows of blocks.

Besides the tires that are in this chart, there are 2 new AT models that were tested and you reviewed and you can find every information on the following videos. The first one is about the Cooper Discoverer ATT:

And the second one is about the new Falken WildPeak A/T AT3WA. A more detailed review and comparison with other tire models will be available in the next weeks.

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