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Dacia Duster Ph2 Failing Car Parts

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Cool Stuff

What parts and the aproximate miles of their fail in the Duster Phase 2 (2014-2018)?

Imagini Dacia Duster 2014 (15 din 36) | cars-data.com

Source – www.cars-data.com

This is a topic meant to help drivers and new members, we are only interested in parts that fall safely, those that age and have been met by at least 10 members. The year of the car, the mileage as well as the engine are mentioned. for each individual part. 

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand Duster from these years of production, be sure to check out these parts, especially if the car has over 100.000 km. Not all the cars have problems with the parts you’re about to read in this article but you should ask the seller about those parts and if he replaced any of those.

Parts That Fail:

  • Transmission Shaft – Cardan (*most of the transmission shafts from Dusters that do a little offroad fall around 80-100.000 km due to ungreased crosses);
  • Swing pivots – Pivoti bascula (*usually must be replaced in 20-50.000 km if you do a little offroad). There was also a bad batch of swing pivots at Dacia that made the Dusters 2016-2017 have big problems with them and to fall quickly even after the inclusions. My 2018 Duster 2 still doesn’t have any problems with these parts and I’m curently at 55.000 km;

  • Rear shock absorbers – Telescoape spate (*These fall somewhere between 40.000 and 60.0000 km and their guarantee is somewhere between 50.000 km);

  • Engine piping – Tubulatura motor (* the oring from the gas recirculation pipe up on the engine may drop to 30-40.000 km plus other collars may fall apart if not checked);

  • EGR pipe – Teava EGR (small plastic pipe, bursts at 90.000 km);

  • Shock absorber bearings – Rulmenti amortizoare (*start to beat on average around 100.000 km;

  • Start plugs – Bujii incandescente (*fail at around 80.000 km, all need to be changed, in winter the starting of the car is hard without new ones);

  • Bar ends – Capete de bara (direction) also fall to about 100.000 km;

  • The torsion bar bushings (bucsele de bara torsiune) fall to around 70-100.000 km;

  • AC compressor, there were certain batches with problems, changed on warranty at 90.000 km;

  • Lights block and the horn (blocul de lumin plus folosirea  claxonului) due to wire breakage (changed between 20 and 100.000 km).

Most of the above problems come from the area of ​​consumables, parts that collect constant wear, it is normal for them to give way depending on the road and the driver. Most of the Duster Ph2 models don’t have these problems. I repeat, it’s not a rule for all the models!

Source: Dacia Duster Trails&Technical on Facebook


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