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How To Drive Off Road 4×4

by | May 12, 2020 | Offroad Zone

Very Important Rules

1. Study The Terrain

Always in front of an unknown terrain, difficult and camouflaged by grass, puddles, stones or snow … stop the car, get off and analyze the best trajectory on foot. The step analysis is much superior to the one at the wheel and also reduces the risk of an impulsive reaction with negative consequences, which can occur in the case of unpleasant obstacles hidden by the surface.


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2. Use The Inertia Wisely

The inertia of the car is essential to get over certain bumps in the road when the grip on the ground is minimal (mud) …. so do not forget to move forward. If you do not know the place, use rule 1 at the beginning of the risk area. In the situation where the car must avoid slipping in a sledge and there is mud on the ground everywhere (* and besides sleaze), then it is preferable to reduce the inertia to a minimum. The faster the wheels spin, the lower the grip on the mud and the risk of falling into the mud. The Duster being a light car, with a little care it can sail slowly and easily on the edge of the sledges. The decision taken must be based on rule no. 1 and depending on the degree of inclinations on the road.


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3. Keep The Car On Dry Terrain As Much As Possible

The Duster remains stuck in 2 situations: Suspended on the belly or when the tires lose grip in the fine, sticky and loose mud (* from case to case and brand / tire type). The Duster can get stuck in this wet mud from the pond or wet from arable land if it encounters an obstacle (* boulder / dam) even on a single wheel. If you also park your car in the mud, then you can sink the wheels enough to make your own holes in the wheel and get stuck. To avoid this risk, always try to have at least 2 wheels on one side of the car on the driest path on the road.


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4. Find The Right Direction

Forging wheels in a difficult situation is an alternative to travel that must be done depending on the terrain. If you notice that the car is not moving at all, then do not forge for a long time on the spot by digging the pit before the obstacle. You need to shift into reverse enough time to return to a point that allows you to move higher speed / inertia forward. Also, when you are in mud and mud, it is better to get out of them on a straight path, than to pull the chaotic steering wheel trying to change direction in the middle of the area without grip. The chances of the car riding the sledge in the mud are very small and you will lose your inertia if you do not keep the right direction.  Always in difficult offroad use 4×4 Lock + ESP-OFF … and if the terrain does not inspire you enough confidence to pass and you are sure the car there, there is no shame to turn around and try another route.

Source: Dacia Duster Trails Group

Here are 2 videos with comprehensive learning magterial for the offroad driving:


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