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Dacia Duster VS Mercedes GLE Coupe Offroad

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Offroad Zone

Although the comparison seems to be impossible, me and my cameraman Alex managed to do it in a sunny Sunday morning.

Stats comparison

These 2 cars come from very different classes and freom very different manufacturers. So the biggest difference is the price. At this time, my Duster has 55.000 KM and I think it has a value of around 16.000 Euros. The GLE on the other hand, it has around 100.000 KM with a value of 45.000 (more or less). So you can get 3 Dusters with 1 GLE:))

In terms of specs, the Duster has 115 HP from an 1.5 dCi engine, while the GLE has 249 HP from the classic 3.0 V6 engine. The curious fact is that on the body of the Mercedes there were “V8” signs as wel as “AMG” letters on the back.

I wonder why? Maybe it has the AMG visual package or the previous owner wanted to buy a V8 model but couldn’t find one:))

The GLE had summer tires on bigger alloy wheels than the Duster but the offroad trail we went on was soft and it did well all along. Just a slight problem while trying to go up a steep trail and the axles were put to test on diagonal.

The forest road we went leads to a place called Dubiusca, which is a small village in Brodina. The place is amazing, like a glade surounded by trees. I was amazed by the quietness there. No cars sound, no rush, no stress.

I invite you to watch to video, whether it’s for the GLE offroading, the Duster and the GLE or the landscapes. Enjoy!

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