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Dacia Bigster – Problems to Overcome before Launch

by | May 28, 2022 | News, Offroad Zone

Dacia Bigster (concept) was officially presented in Bucharest to journalists and dealers. It will enter series production by the end of 2024, and deliveries to customers will start in 2025. This SUV prefigured by Bigster will be one of the compact range, larger than Duster. About 90% of what is seen will be taken on the serial model. It will have 5 or 7 seats, without diesel engines. Gasoline and hybrid only. The production car will have recycled plastic elements and absolutely nothing chrome. 

Even if it is still in the concept phase, this project from Dacia must overcome many challenges both in terms of propulsion and interior design:

1. Interior Quality

In recent years, Dacia has increased the prices of its models, and Dacia Duster, the Facelift version, launched in the summer of 2022, can reach 25,000 EUR, on the highest trim level. It is safe to asume that the Bigster will have a starting price of over 20.000 EUR, which will be very challenging for the production of this model. That’s because with the raising prices in oil and energy, with the war that’s going on in Ukraine at this moment, plus the exit of Renault from the russian auto market, it is almost impossible not to get a higher prince for a finished Dacia Bigster. 

In order to be atractive for the potential clients, Dacia Bigster will have to be more of a premium car, like the Renault Arkana at the interior. If it will get cheap materials like the ones on the Duster, the customers will be more likely to choose other car models in its segment, just for the better looking interior design.

2. Engines

Another problem that is very challenging for the Renault Group and other car makers is the EU regulations for the CO2 emissions. With the upcoming regulations, Dacia must bring on new engine models, with hybrid technology, in order to keep the emissions low and still have enough power and torque for a C Segment model, like the Bigster.

Even if the 1.3 TCe engine on the Duster is very capable, and develops 150 HP, it also eliminates more than 130 g CO2/km, which is already too much for Dacia, because it increases medium CO2 value of the Renault Group with every model sold. This is atracting fines that Renault has to pay to the EU and also increases the final price of a Duster when it reaches the dealer’s gate. This will also happen with Dacia Bigster, if the engines that will power the model will not have around 100 g CO2/km.


3. 4×4 Transmision and Offroad Capabilities

The exterior design of the Bigster is showing great offroad capabilites if the main lines will be kept for the final version. We;re talking about the front and rear bumper, as for the ground clearence. If this design will keep these 3 basic elements unchanged, Bigster will do even better than the Duster in offroad.

There is one problem, the 4×4 system and if it will have one. As we know, the Renault Arkana is sold only with the 2WD in Europe, but in Russia, you can buy it with the 4WD system that is also used on the Duster models. This could also be a market choice for the upcoming Bigster, but we hope it wont.

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