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Best Offroad Equipment – Duster Air Jack & Chains

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Offroad Zone

Offroad Chains – How to install it faster

One of the most important equipment that every offroader should have is the wheel chains. But most of us are usually delaying the use of the chains because it takes a lot of time for installing it. In order to do it faster you need a high jack to raise the hole side of the car, not just a wheel at a time.

Source – Dacia Duster Trails Group on Facebook

One of the problems with the inflatable jacks at Dacia Duster was that due to the ornament they did not swell completely and air / gas escaped through the exhaust behind the ornament, as soon as the car started to rise. So the only option was to inflate them with a compressor. But from 2-3 minutes to 10 minutes, it wasn’t exactly optimal if you were in a hurry. However, on the compressor side, there is also the advantage that the compressor does not stay away from it behind the car and you can easily put it back in time.

Inflating with the exhaust gas

As you can see in the pictures, for ornament sealing you can usa a non-permanent thermal silicone, for sealing gaskets, which is very cheap. Thus the jack can be used in both swelling modes, without taking down that wonderful exhaust ornament. The rubber funnel was given with a little silicone on board for sliding and pressurizing.

Source – Dacia Duster Trails Group on Facebook

The inflatable jack will help you ride your wheels, free yourself from places where you are stuck underneath and obviously where a metal high-lift is harder to use at Duster. It is enough to put it under the face shield after digging to make room for a while, inflate it enough to detach the car and turn your back, escaping from where you were stuck.

Source – Dacia Duster Trails Group on Facebook

For more informations check out the video below or click on this link: https://bit.ly/3lG1I7R

Also, the video contains a full review for the 9 mm chains used  and there will be a discount voucher on the chians soon. Join the group to get updates about the vouchers!



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